If you are reading this, than perhaps you have read something of mine and want to know something about me. Unfortunately, I find it quite hard to sum up in just a couple of paragraphs what you may perhaps want to know about me, but I suppose I am able to at least let you know why I have decided to write here.

For starters, I began blogging because I have known for a while now that I enjoy writing and that I have stray thoughts in my head about topics like friendship, theology, longing, loneliness, stories, and culture (if the website banner had not already revealed that) that might eventually lead to something rupturing if I did not eventually put them into words. Writing for me is both a painful and soul-nurturing hobby which forces me to put certain and specific thoughts and feelings into words that would normally just retreat back into the shadows and eventually come back even more loudly in the future if I leave them unaddressed. So I suppose in someways you could say I’m a therapeutically selfish writer… I apologize for that.

My favorite writer Henri Nouwen once wrote that “what is most personal is also the most universal.” And I hope (more importantly) that this blog and the themes touched on would be a blessing to you and would hopefully make you feel slightly less alone and slightly more hopeful just as the writers I love like Henri Nouwen, Flannery O’Connor, St. Augustine, Soren Kierkegaard, and Stephen King have done for me.

Thanks for checking out the blog,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jeb: Reading over your articles is like a balm for the soul. Your experiences, longings, and desires are so much like my own (we even like the same authors), that it makes my loneliness at least a little easier to understand and bear. Thank you for your witness and for sharing.


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