Whether you are a random viewer to this site or a longtime friend, I’ve been involved with the campus ministry, Reformed University Fellowship, for almost seven years now—first as a college student at the University of Central Florida and now as an intern  working for RUF at the University of Connecticut. I’ve been on campus at UConn for around two and a half years now and am entering into my final semester here at UConn.

11349251_1544309082533403_957085570_nGod has used RUF to breathe new air into my weary lungs. The things I write about on this blog I can credit back to RUF and the influence they have had on my life, both in the ways they have sought to integrate people into a welcoming community, helped me engage with the world and my own interior life, and in the ways they have communicated the grace, justice, and glory of God through his Word and in life together. RUF has helped me come to see the ways in which God has pursued me through Jesus to make me His own, helped me get connected to the local church, and has helped encourage me to deal honestly and hopefully with all this life entails because RUF believes we have one who has come all the way down into our humanity to be with us and unite us to himself.

Now at UConn, I get to help cultivate that sort of gospel-centered community— the very kind I benefited from so much—here through small group Bible studies, one-on-one interactions, large group gatherings, and events throughout the week. All of these things with the hope of 12747790_1681983525387096_140123841_nstudents learning, growing, and being introduced to the Christian faith and connected to the local church.

With that said, I’m required to raise all my own funds for this in which God has called me. If you would like to join me in this, I do need help in raising the remainder of the support for my last semester on campus. I’m looking to raise about $3000 before I end my year here at UConn. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me? Any donation whether it be a one-time or monthly gift is hugely helpful to me and this ministry.

If you are interested in giving, just head over to this link:

Thanks for reading what I have to say on this blog and for even reading this. If you’d like to get in contact with me to talk further or are interested in receiving updates, please feel free to email me at

Grace & Peace,


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